Ideal temperature

8-10 °C


Wine variety

Obtained exclusively from Sauvignon grapes: a French vine cultivated in the Sauterne region, in the Bordeaux area, introduced in the Gorizia region in the mid-nineteenth century, where it "achieved better results than those reached so far with all the other white grapes vines - said Giovani Bolle in 1891 - in the most fertile, deep and slightly clayey lands of the hills, Sauvignon shows a strong vegetation and a constant and regular production". A local company brought it to the Wine Fair in Trieste in 1888. Isidoro and Robert Princic have had it since 1978 and have kept the same types of Sauvignon, even with the latest plantings dating back to 1985. "Characteristic of our Sauvignon are the aromas, not excessively intense, but very fine and elegant" they want to underline.


Vineyards from which this wine is produced are Budignacco, Zavognza, Dragica and Ruttars , at an altitude from 100 to 180 meters above sea level.

Farming system

Cultivated with guyot system.


Obtained by soft pressing of grapes macerated for 24-48 hours at low temperatures. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at controlled temperatures. Then follows the conservation "sur lie" until bottling.


Straw yellow of beautiful saturation with light greenish reflections.


Intense and delicate, it suggests elder flower, bell bell pepper, sage, closing with hints of exotic fruit, including pineapple.


The taste expresses vivacity and freshness, with a good structure.

Serving Temperature

It should be served not too cool, around 8 - 10° C.


Wine for hors d'oeuvres, ham dishes, non-meat risottos, vegetable soufflés and baked goods, and egg and fish dishes.