Ideal temperature

8-10 °C


Wine variety

Obtained 100% from Malvasia (Istrian) grape, one of the typical and autochthonous vines of Collio and of the whole area of Friuli and Venezia Giulia. This variety, present in Istria since the Middle Ages, is one of the many Malvasia - white and red berried - existing in the Mediterranean. Vertovc, in 1850, recalls the Malvashija of Collio and that which was produced near Gradiscutta! In 1868 the Agrarian Society of Gorizia organized an event at the end of which were served many wines including a Malvasia bianca of 1867 coming from the hills of Farra. Twenty years later, at the Wine Exhibition organized in Trieste, three wineries from Gorizia also participated with Malvasia wines. In 1933 in Collio it was one of the prized varieties that were becoming increasingly popular.


The vineyards from which this wine is produced are located in Ruttars and Bukova vineyards in the southwest side of Mount Calvario, at an altitude of 180 meters (600 feet) above sea level.

Farming system

Cultivated with guyot and spurred cordon.


Traditionally the grapes are cryo macerated for 24 hours, after which they are pressed and fermented at controlled temperatures. Wines are kept "sur lie" until bottling.


Straw yellow with light greenish reflections.


Unmistakable is its pleasant bouquet, extremely varietal with aromas of citrus, apple delight and cream notes.


The palate has a fragrant entry, with a succession of corresponding sensations which, in the finish, give way to elegant memories of apple.

Serving Temperature

It should be served chilled, around 8 - 10° C (46 - 50° F), as this is the way to capture all its fragrance.


It can be enjoyed with grilled or stewed fish dishes, but also with creamy soups, for example with asparagus and mushrooms. Excellent then the combination with white and light meats of low court.