Biocompatibility. Smart and careful viticulture. The vineyard is life.

With the 2018 vintage Gradis’ciutta winery obtained the organic certification: a great achievement for the winery as a result of the perseverance of 10 years of work which had the goal of producing wines respecting the territory and all the people involved in the care of vineyards.

It is in order to concretely embrace these values that in 2008 Robert Princic decided to approach for the first time the world of organic farming, starting a process of conversion of vineyards in Collio, an area not easy for this kind of processing because of the high rainfall and where the average rainfall ranges from 1000 to 1400 mm per year (numbers very similar to Bourgogne).

To have obtained the organic certification 10 years later is therefore the result of a constant attention in the observation of the vineyard and of the weather conditions, in order to act promptly and in the right way, safeguarding the health of the plants. In this sense the scientific approach to the work has been fundamental, with the installation of control units in the vineyards which allowed the staff to constantly analyze data and therefore to make targeted treatments with the quantity of sulfur and copper allowed for organic certification.

The company’s project aimed at the world of organic farming and respect for nature, is completed by the use of renewable energy sources and the presence of beehives near the vineyards.

Therefore we respect Nature and preserve the balance that is created between spontaneous vegetation and agricultural cultivations: this is how we manage to enclose the fragrances of the countryside, the scents of acacia flowers and fruit, the scents of hay, the aromas of asparagus or elder, the flavor of the land where our wines are born.


Just buying land doesn't really make it yours. It gets to be yours after long years of sweat, tears and exhaustion.