Ideal temperature

16-20 °C


Wine variety

Obtained 100% from Cabernet Franc grapes, a vine originally from Bordeaux introduced in Collio at the end of the 19th century, with a very vigorous vegetation, where it immediately proved to be very resistant to rain and bad weather in spring and autumn.


Grapes used to make this wine are produced in the vineyards of Zavognza and Bukova, at an altitude ranging from 150 to 180 meters (500 to 600 feet) above sea level.

Farming system

Flipped cultivation.


Grapes are harvested in late period. They are then macerated for about twenty days until the sugars are exhausted, making fulling manual, to extract in the best way, all the substances that the skins jealously guard. The wine thus obtained is then kept until it is bottled, which is usually done in the following summer or autumn.


Nourishing ruby red, with pronounced purple rims that tend toward brick garnet with age.


Characteristic is the intense and herbaceous bouquet, very pleasing, which recalls the vine.


Herbaceous is then also on the palate, supported by body and harmony. Full and generous, distinguished and austere.

Serving Temperature

It should be served from 16 to 20° C, as this is how you can grasp all its characteristics.


Wine for cold meats, great cooking, roasted white and red meats, noble poultry, game and aged cheeses.