Ideal temperature

8-10 °C


Wine variety

Robert Princic has always had a great sense of the affinity between the Collio and the Brda regions and in particular with the grape variety which unites the winemaking cultures on either side of the Italo-Slovene border, Ribolla Gialla/Rebula. It was this feeling that prompted him to acquire vineyards in the top Brda locations of Neblo and Zali Breg.


The grapes were picked at full phenolic ripeness and vinified at the winery in Italy in the traditional local style, with short maceration and a full year’s ageing in large barrels.

Organoleptic characteristics

This wine has a luminous, bright mid- straw shade. The nose is intense and immediate, frank and very long. A youthful spicy-floral character predominates initially, then notes of green apple and pear, ripe stone fruit and hints of vanilla pod emerge as the wine opens to reveal its full complexity. The attack is big and juicy with a return of the fruit that characterises the nose. Round and full-flavoured, with a glossy tactile sensation balanced by an underlying vein of citrus and savoury mineral which give length and energy to the finish.


Luminous, bright mid-straw


Spicy-floral, green apple and hints of vanilla pod


Citrus and savoury mineral, tea leafs


It pairs very well with plates of fish and various first courses, baked fish or aged cheeses.