Ideal temperature

11-12 °C


Wine variety

It is a new project, started in 2009, with which is being produced for the first time in the winery Collio riserva, a white wine vinified exclusively with Ribolla gialla, Malvasia and Friulano, fermented in ten hectoliters wooden casks. This is a revival of those ancient traditions of Collio that were first included in the specification of the Consortium in 1968, codifying a centuries-old custom that saw a blend based on the most popular variety - Ribolla - with the addition of the other two varieties most appreciated by consumers: Istrian Malvasia and (Tocai) Friulano. That "white wine of Collio", called "Coglianer" for the Austrian market, which in Trieste, as Francesco Babudri reminds us in one of his booklets from 1931, "once upon a time it was customary to accompany steaming tripe after midnight, when the imposition of the Christmas fast had expired". A wine which can also be defined as "Reserve" as it is subjected to an aging period, including any possible refinement, of not less than one year.


The vineyards from which this wine is produced are located in Bukova vineyard on Mount Calvario and in Ruttars vineyard, a hamlet of Dolegna del Collio, at an altitude from 120 to 180 meters above sea level.

Farming system

Cultivated with spurred cordon and guyot.


Obtained by soft pressing of grapes harvested in late period. The tumultuous fermentation is done in steel tanks while the second phase is done in 1,000 wooden barrels, French and Slavonian oak. Here it remains until August, when it is bottled. Then follows a further refinement in bottle until November of the following year in order to be released on the market. After two years from the harvest of production the grapes are cryo macerated for 24 hours, after which they are pressed and fermented at controlled temperatures. Wines are kept "sur lie" until bottling.


It has a pale gold colour


Fine and complex, it makes elegance its strong point. a delicate floral nose with scents of lime blossom, acacia and lilac and an enticing saline nuance.


The palate is vibrant ad intense with great depth of flavour and a concentrated finish in which citrus counterpoints ripe yellow fruit.

Serving Temperature

It should be served not too cool, around 11 - 12° C.


A wine for aperitif or for meditation if served chilled. At a higher temperature it is interesting with tasty baked fish, stewed white meats or with aged cheeses.