Merlot DOC Collio

Wine Obtained exclusively from Merlot, a vine originating from Bordeaux, but not yet introduced in Collio at the time of the Oenogical Congress of 1891, therefore the experts of that era considered “utilizing the experimentation of the cultivation of Merlot also in our province.” Marzotto in his “Ampelography of Friuli” in 1923 write that this grape “gave wine of the choicest quality, ready for consumption and perfumed.”

Vineyard source The wine originates from the Dolgi Breg and Calvario vineyards at and elevation of 170 meters (550 feet) above sea level.

Training system Guyot cultivation with a production of 70-80 quintals per hectare.

Vinfication The grapes are harvested by hand, typically in the third week of September. The various grapes are macerated on the skins for about twenty days at a controlled temperature. After racking, the wine is then matured, one part in stainless steel containers and one part in wooden barrels. Bottling takes place the following spring.

Color Ruby red.

Nose Characterized by an intense perfume, with a gentle herbaceous character and recalling the fruits of the forest.

Palate Dry flavors, a little bitter, but balanced, displaying a great and round structure.

Serving temperature Serve from 16 ai 20° C (52 ai 70° F) to appreciate its characteristics.

Recommended foods Serve with flavorful first courses, red meats, roasts, game and medium-aged cheeses.

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