Malvasia DOC Collio

Wine Obtained exclusively from the Malvasia (Istriana) grape, one of the typical indigenous vines of Collio and the entire area of Collio and of Venezia Giulia. This variety, present in Istria since the Middle Ages, is one of several types of Malvasia – there are both white and red – that exist in the Mediterranean. Vertovc in 1850 recorded the Malvashija of Collio and that which was produced close to Gradisciutta!
In 1868 the Societa Agraria di Collio organized an event at which those exiting were served various wines made from Malvasia (white) of 1867, originationg from the hills of Farra. Twenty years later, at the exposition of wines organized at Trieste, three farms of Collio also participated with wines made from Malvasia. In 1933 in Collio it was one of the prestigious varieties that was increasingly affirmed.

Vineyard source The vineyards in which the grapes were grown are found in Ruttars and in the vineyards of Bukova on the southwestern side of Mount Calvario at an elevation of 180 meters (600 feet) above sea level.

Training system Guyot and cordon spur with a production between 70 and 80 quintals per hectare.

Vinification Traditional, with the grapes undergoing criomaceration for 24 hours, afterwards, being pressed and fermented at controlled temperatures. The wine is kept on its yeasts (sur lie) until bottling.

Color Straw yellow with evident gold/green reflections.

Nose Unmistakable, with its pleasing bouquet; textbook varietal notes with perfumes of citrus fruits and aromatic herbs.

Palate On the palate, there is a fragrant entry with a persistent finish that lingers with spice and elegant memories of tropical fruit.

Service temperature Serve cool, from 8 – 10° C (46 – 50° C); because at this temperature, one can grasp all of its fragrance.

Food pairings Perfect as an aperitif, this is also ideal with risotto, creamed soups (minestrone) and with grilled or steamed seafood. It is also excellent paired with white meats and farm animals.

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