Collio Chardonnay

Wine Obtained exclusively from Chardonnay, a French vine (Champagne and Burgundy), inported at the end of the 1800s, which was initially confused with Pinot Bianco, so much so that according to reference of 1901, it was not catalogued separately until the post war period. Chardonnay has been present at the Gradis’ciutta estate since 1974, adapting to the clay marne, amidst the “ponca” and “opoca” soils from which these grapes come.

Vineyard source The vineyards from which the grapes originate are in the locality of Zavognza, Pozar and Bukova, at elevations ranging from 120 to 180 meters (400 to 600 feet) above sea level.

Training system Guyot, with a production of 70-80 quintals per liter.

Vinfication Obtained from a soft pressing of grapes materated for 24 hours at 10° C (50° F). Fermentation follows, with 80% in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks with 20% in new barriques. Matured “sur lie”, the lots are blended together before bottling.

Color Straw yellow with golden tints.

Nose Clear and intense, recalling notes of apple, banana, acacia flowers and honey, with notes of vanilla.

Palate Soft and elegant, it opens with a perfect symmetry to the aromatics and closes with an evident flavor of vanilla.

Serving temperature The wine should not be served too cold; preferably at 9 – 10 ° C (47-50 ° F)

Recommended foods As an aperitif or to accompany antipasti, dried soups in broth, simple plates of eggs or fish. It marries well also, however, with simple entrées of white meats.

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