Our Phylosophy

“Eco Compatibility. Intelligent and carefull viticulture. The Vineyard is life”

Gradis’ciutta obtained organic certification in 2018. It was the achievement of a significant objective for the estate and the result of ten years work aimed at the production of wines that respect the natural environment and the people who work in it.

It was belief in these values that prompted Robert to begin the conversion to organic viticulture in 2008, a challenging decision given the annual average rainfall of the Collio of between 1000 and 1400mm, data not dissimilar to that of Burgundy.

It required constant scientific monitoring of the vineyards and the meterological conditions in order to intervene rapidly and appropriately to protect the health of the vines. Analysis of data collected through weather stations in the vineyards allowed for precise calibration of the quantities of copper sulphites used in the treatments of the vines, to remain in line with the parameters of organic certification.

The installation of beehives at the edges of the vineyards and the use of renewable energy sources testify to the estates environmental philosophy.

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